Can you guess which languages these idioms come from?

Idioms are weird and wonderful things. I found some interesting ones in different languages. Still waiting for someone to get all eight. Check it out!

They called Hindi “Indian”.

Only the top in journalism at Buzzfeed.*

*Okay, Buzzfeed is secretly a guilty pleasure for me though.

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Ha! The top journalist who wrote this quiz is me :wink: I of course know that Hindi is one of the many languages spoken in India, but I needed to add a country flag and this idiom is actually from India. India is also the only country in the world apart from Fiji (and the Hindi they speak there is a little different) that recognizes Hindi as their official language.

BuzzFeed is also my guilty pleasure! Sometimes you just need to know what colour your aura is based on the cat pics you relate to the most.

Oh no! wipes egg off face

Sorry for that.

Somehow I missed the notice that anyone can post to Buzzfeed. I thought it was someone being paid by them to do it.

In the Washington Post, one probably wants to be careful about this type of thing, but I was just being pedantic. Sorry!

No worries! It’s pretty funny!

I wondered if it might cause upset, but there was no work around. I wasn’t going to type “Indian” or put all the flags that represent the countries in the world that speak Hindi in the image box.

I too am pedantic about these things, so no offence taken :slight_smile:

The only one I even remotely recognize is the Dutch saying:

Al draagt een aap een gounden ring
Het is en blijft een lelijk ding.

Even if a monkey wears a golden ring
It is and remains an ugly thing.

which is supposed to mean:
Nice clothes and jewelry don’t make an ugly person beautiful and no amount of pomp and circumstance can change a person’s social status.

So I guess that means I’m 1 for 8.

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