Can you expand the "context" text around a word or expression to make it more meaningful?

Hi all!

The Lingq application automatically picks up a certain number of words before and after a selected vocabulary word or expression. Sometimes the automatically-selected chunk of text is not very meaningful and it would take a few additional words from the original text, either before or after to really understand and remember where the expression came from and to be able to meaningfully practice it.

(1) Is is possible to modify the “context” text to grab more words from the original, either before or after the automatically-selected chunk of text? If so, how would you do this?

(2) If the above isn’t possible, is it possible to somehow view the word or expression in context within the original text?

(3) If neither of the above are possible, can you at least determine from the vocabulary list which lesson the word or expression came from so you have a chance of finding it and viewing it in context in another window?


I very much agree with that.

I want the same thing. I don’t understand why it hasn’t been done yet.