Can you delete LingQs without deleting the word from the system?

Hi, im new in the website, i aplogize if this question was made before.

When you transform LingQs in to “known words”, why the LingQ is still there in your list? , and if you delete the lingq it just dissappear from the system without count anymore as a known word.

Is there any way to delete the LingQ but still make this word known and dont loose it from system?

Thanks a lot from Barcelona.

PS: congratulations to Steve for this wonderful system. Long time i was looking for something like this on the net!

You can sort out the known ones by disabling the status “4” lingqs on the Vocabulary page.
There is no reason to delete them and they also come up in a useful way in the LingQ’s SRS system:

The “x” status is delete/ignore which means the system simply ignores this word. This is useful when you want to exclude proper nouns or misspelled words from the word tracking system.

The function to delete words from the LingQs only was removed some time ago from the system. Now if you use the “x” status the word is marked as a non-word.

@eugrus: I guess Josue88 is a free member, and then he cannot make new LingQs when he has reached the limit of 100.

As a free member you have access to all lessons (and there are a huge amount of them!), but it the lesson page is not as useful as it is for paying members.

Yes Veral, im a free member and i´ve reached the 100 lingQs. Want to find a way to erase my LingQ withour erasing the words.

I want to get paid member since this website is really fantastic and you can tell many effort was put on it.

But the problem 2 months in summer i will be in holidays without any internet, so i want to get the upgrade in September.

I guess if i upgrade having thousands of LingQs, and i come back to “free member” for thesummer, then all my LingQs will be lost.

I guess there is no way to erase Lingqs without erasing the word.

You can upgrade, then cancel when you leave for vacation. Its a flat 10 bucks a month. None of your lingqs are lost. I went a couple weeks between subscriptions a month or so ago and nothing was lost.