Can we talk on skype in english

Hei! I’m mikko~
and i’d like to find someone talking with me in english on skype.
So can you add me as your fiend on skype.
or leave your skype ID.

mine ID is: mikkoisme

my skype is, elmax56, I’ll hope for you.

Hello !

May I join to your chat ?

Hello, I am also interested in having conversations in English with people of intermediate or higher speaking ability to maintain a certain conversation flow. I want to further increase my speaking fluency. When you are interested, please leave a comment at my profile.
Thank you! I am looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m Brazilian. I am also interested if someome can add me my nickname on spkype is this: jeffiens

Hii , I’d like to develop my skill in speaking

hi, mikko
I am here to talk in English on Skype ID: maqsood5940


I would be happy to speak with anyone in English. I’m a native English speaker. My Skype name is derickjasper