Can we just listen to the youtube videos again instead of having the video playback?

I’m on a 4k screen and upscaling the desktop so it can be visible from where I sit, and the youtube video is just floating around and I have to choose whether it obstructs the text, the saved definition of yellow words, or the possible definitions of blue words. So essentially I chose to block the view of yellow words and now every time I come across the word, I have to move the youtube video out of the way and then move it back so I can read again.

It is a very simple fix: Add the play button back, so now you have both again. If it’s the play button, open youtube with width/height == 0 px, otherwise do what you’re doing now. You can reuse so much of the logic you already got, it’s a 30 minute implementation including running locally, fixing the code, and deploying to non-prod and then prod.

Same problem here.

Sometimes it’s nice to watch the video, especially if there’s animation and/or super-large captioning. But most of the time, the captions in the video are too tiny to read, and if all that’s in the video is a “talking head,” I’d much rather that it not obstruct my view.

I think it would be nice to be able to choose whether or not to watch the video during audio playback. It’s true that we could just listen to the audio above each sentence, but that’s not always optimal.

Oh, and yes, we can just go to YouTube and watch the videos over there; the number of listening minutes can be entered manually later for those keeping track. Each video does display its playback time. (I don’t bother with accounting for slowed playback speed, ymmv).


(Edited to remove extra “later” in the sentence that had that word twice.)

I could be wrong, but I don’t think LingQ has the ability to download the audio and afaik, Youtube doesn’t have the feature to play only the audio.

A few time’s I’ve converted a YT video to mp3, then copy-pasted the transcript as a lesson and then added the mp3 as the sound track; just need to double-check the timestamps afterwards. :slight_smile:

YouTube Premium has a feature to play a video while your screen is turned off/on the lock screen. They (YouTube) just made being able to listen to audio only (*with this method through the YouTube app) a paid feature.

Random aside: With that YouTube premium you can run YouTube videos in the background and do other stuff on other apps (at least on the phone while searching and scrolling, but not sure about the iPad).

On the Computer, you can just darken your computer screen and listen to the video, or play a YouTube video in a different tab to get “audio only”.

But, yeah YouTube doesn’t have a “play audio only” button as of yet.

Kind of like a feature that allows us to minimize the video player? Or something else?

Yes, for me anyway. But I’m looking at the lessons and I see that many of them don’t have video anyway, which is nice. :slight_smile:

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We no longer import audio for YT import due to breaking their rules, so you get video and subtitles instead.

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I just noticed it’s fixed now, THANKS to whoever fixed it!!!

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