Can we help YOU? Is all clear for you how to work with LingQ? Where are eventually problems?

Sometimes I hear from interested people that they have some difficulties how LingQ is working.
Here or in the other “Open Forum” is the best place to ask questions! You may ask in your native language!
We are a lot of members they will help you.

Feel free to ask!

Irene, We recognize that LingQ is often confusing for newcomers. We are hoping to be be able to improve this over the next few weeks. Your offers of help and advice are greatly appreciated. However, it is our job to make it easier for people to use. I think we all have had he experience of showing the site to friends who find it too difficult. We have to make it easier, and then , hopefully we will all have an easier time persuading our friends to use it.

No problem Steve,
My idea was only to take away the shy for asking :slight_smile: -

When an new member can see, we are here members with enthusiasm about LingQ (and we are normal students here) - perhaps they are able to come in contact with us.