Can we get lingQ Extension support for ARD


Great find, I’ll notify development.

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Wow! Sweet find MarkE! Lots of good stuff on here and with subtitles! Although I noticed the subtitles in some cases don’t always match verbatim what they are saying on the things I watched, but that’s ok. This is awesome. I’m suprised all free…I had been looking into YouTV which has to my eyes a similar round up but not free…and you have to decide what you want to record ahead of time.

Did you try the app or download the mediaplayer? I found the playback a bit choppy…but possibly it’s because I was also going through my work vpn lol. I need to get work done!

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Could you add for Norwegian, please? That would be huge for a language like Norwegian with rather little content on here.

It’s not free, but financed by German licence fees. Isn’t it already in the list, though?

I meant it is free to view (at least everything that I clicked around was). In the U.S. for the most part you have to pay to be able to view some of these publich channels unless I’ve just not noticed before.

It may be on the master list, but there’s a lot on the list and a lot to sift through to find things that are of interest. Mostly you tube items that mostly have auto subtitles. Having good subtitles with punctuation is much appreciated.

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That would be really great! There are so many shows with subtitles we can use.

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Hi, that site works with the LingQ Extension.

Matsjokket – Ronny og Tuvas grønnsakssjokk – NRK TV I was able to import this.

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Really? In Europe at least, public/ state TV channels tend to be financed by licence fees/ taxes/ ads, so they don’t cost extra, but tend to be geoblocked more or less.

Ah, thanks, I didn’t try it (and haven’t yet) as it was listed as “pending” in the file. Maybe time for an update?

Hi Car…I mean to view German public TV from the U.S. Public stations in the U.S. for U.S. are covered by taxes. Prior to Mark’s post the availablity of German TV to U.S., that I knew of, were only paid ways to get it (i.e. add German TV subscription to our cable, YouTV, or some others that all required subscription). Even the ARD link that Mark provided, the “live” TV is blocked (easily bypassed with VPN). To at least have the programs after the fact is really awesome though.

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Yeah, that makes sense then. Like I wrote, geoblock is common in Europe, but not necessarily for all content. Although usually, VPN works fine. Not so much in the UK due to the extreme popularity of their content abroad, but in most of Europe, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Hey Eric any news on adding support for ARD?