Can we consider ( Who She Is ) story is actually a B2 level?

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I can see at the description of Who She Is story that it is actually an A2 level, but the speed and the level of words I think can be at B1 level.

Do you agree with that?

I have been listening for French consciously and unconsciously for about 2 months I am still not able to master it!

I don’t think there’s any such thing as ‘levels’ of words. There are words you know and words you don’t.

The A-C levels are about what you can and cannot do in the language, not about specific material.

Someone conversing with their mate over a cup of tea is no different to someone having a political debate. They’re just using words. And if you don’t know them you’re going to be stuck. Obviously something like philosophy or abstract concepts can be on a different level, as can things involving double meanings, jokes, puns, sarcasm etc.

But for normal conversation you know it or you don’t. There are no ‘levels’ except known and unknown.