Can u add automatically the translations from Reverso Context?

Hello, Im learning Russian and 90% of the time im using the dictionary Reverso Context, since most words can have more than one translation in Spanish depending the context. Reverso context usually gives all the possible translations .

The main issue is that It takes time to open the reverso context window everytime, copy all the meanings , and paste them on the LINGQ meaning field.

Would be amazing if Is there some way to automatice that and save time?

I mean create lingqs automatically with all the meanings reverso context gives, making that my default translation.

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It can be automated quite easily via web extension with a silent new tab that scrapes the data.

Process would be something like,

  1. Click word in LingQ
  2. Automatically opens Reverso in a deselected tab if its not open
  3. Inject information like the word/phrase, original language, dictionary language
  4. Automate the Reverso website to find the relevant data and send it back to LingQ
  5. Automate the LingQ GUI to add the definition. (You could post data directly from Reverso but the LingQ GUI wouldn’t update until page refresh)

If you wanted to LingQ all words in your lesson with Reverso then replace Step 1 with a list of new words from your lesson

If you want a premade solution, there are plenty of python scrapers that return the data you need. You would just need to create a method to turn it into LingQs

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thanks for your answer!
If i understood right, i can do it myself with some programming, yes?
Unfortunatelly i dont understand anything about programming, so i dont think i could do it. I guess i will have to do it manually, if u had some extension which could do it i would consider paying for it. Thank you

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