Can tts-voice be wrong i.e. corrected?

I often come across some tts-voice pronounced words that are either unintelligible or just wrong. Is there a way to have this corrected?

in the Finnish course of beginner level 2 from FSI called “olla ostoksilla” the lesson dialogi 10 contains the word “tukkanne” which is pronounced as if the tts-voice is spelling one of the letters “k” resulting in tu-ko-kanne where the double k should just be a double k, not spelled. This is just one example. There is also a group of words where the tts-voice consistently drops the “i” as a last character if the word ends in “ni”. And then there are words that are clearly understandable if a native speakers speaks them, but very difficult or even impossible to understand from the tts voice.

So, the question is: is this correctable?

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No, auto TTS pronunciation can’t be corrected. Which browser are you using?

firefix 80.0.1, running from Fedora. As far as I can see, this does not seem to be a browser problem. Most other words are fine, except for the examples I gave. And the native speakers do not show this problem (at all). If you can get one of the finnish people to check the first example I gave, then we should know if it is a system problem or not.

Thanks, I’ll check that further.

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Same problem with Hebrew. VERY annoying and not helpful to learning a language. counter productive :frowning:

I was using firefox, but I switched to using chrome. Chrome has the same problem. It would really help if that could improve.