Can the requests for Skype or language exchanges be kept apart from the list on the right?

Very often these endless, repetitive requests seem to flood the “Recently Active Threads” list or new members flood the various forums (fora?) with the same request. Is there any way to direct them to a specific forum, like the Exchange?

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I am of the same opinion as SanneT.

I support this!

I undrestand that people want to find Exchange partners, but this should be apart from the forum. It is very distracting. And it is difficult to find the other threads in between.

Perhaps Lingq could open a specific forum for Language Partners and hide it from the Recently Active Threads.

Many of those requests are, strangely enough, from non-active members. I guess that they do not need LingQ.

It is a good idea :slight_smile: We already thought about something similar. We are planning to improve our forum in the near future, so we will keep in mind your suggestion.

@all - Thanks for your suggestions on this. The recently active threads list is not really something that we’re planning on customizing. Instead, changes made to the forum will likely be more significant, including an adjustment to how forums are organized, merging of certain forums to reduce the overall number, etc. The recently active list is simply a list that shows recently active forums, and we don’t really want to be policing or moderating this list of active threads. I think as we improve the forum structure further, it should be easier to follow different forums or threads that you are interested in.