Can someone recommend a good german podcast/radio show?

Can someone recommend a few good german radio shows? There are simply too many radio stations and podcasts out there, and I have been trying to find the good ones my self, but without any luck.

Im interested in sports, especially football, so a podcast/show about that would be perfect. Im also looking for a normal radio show, where the hosts talk about news, weather, and current affairs.

Thanks in advance!

Maybe this helps:

Soccer: Beste Fussball Podcasts kostenlos online hören
American football: Beste American Football Podcasts kostenlos online hören

I’ve no idea how they are because I’m not interested in sports.

This web site has live radio and podcasts with transcripts.

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Deutsche Welle is a great podcast I use on my iPhone. Also there is an app called Tune-In with tons of radio stations in all kinds of languages. They have German talk radio with many different categories.

SBS has good quality and interesting podcasts in German (and many other languages):

Looks like a quality mix of news, culture, current affairs. There may well be some football-related series in German if you hunt for it.


Slow German - (it’s listed in the LingQ German resources)

I realize this isn’t a ‘sports station’ but it’s worth checking out if your not aware of it.
Mit besten Grüßen,

+1 on That’s a great resource.