Can someone make a transcript of this video?

i really need the written instructions D; but i know no german so someone will translate it for me but is too lazy to actually listen to it -.-

I guess it would be difficult (or impossible) to find someone. Usually members post a request on the Exchange and offer some points. They can again use these points for their own requests and so on. 16 minutes of video would take about an 1 hour to make a proper transcript. Translation into English probably another hour. Good luck …

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Most of the detail is shown in the video. I think you could watch it a few times and you would understand enough to make one for yourself, even without understanding the German. A transcript of the whole thing certainly would not be necessary.
As far as I can see you need to make a test piece of ribbing, 10 stitches wide. Maschen are stitches. You then need to work out how many stitches are needed to make a knitted strip of ribbing 10 cm wide by measuring the test piece. The length of the strip relates to the length of white yarn that she measured round her head. The final length is tested by wrapping the actual knitted strip around the head. She wants the end to overlap at the back by 1cm. The strip is stretched somewhat, but not too much. The strip must be able to stretched sideways enough so that the whole head will be covered when the beanie is put together. Hers had to be 6 cm shorter than the white yarn, so she had to unravel some of the knitting before casting off. The assembly can be worked out from the video.
Good luck!

I´m still wondering what “but i know no german so someone will translate it for me but is too lazy to actually listen to it -.-” means.

I also wonder! However, watching the video for me was interesting, so I did watch it!

Are exclamation marks too loud?

haha thanks anyway! actually i you´re right i didnt had to understand german to do it :smiley:

Wait…so you didn´t watch even watch that 18 minute before you asked if someone would like to make a free transcript for you?^^ (which would´ve taken about 2 hours…)

yes i did, but since i dont really know anything in german i was confused, but i had to watch it like 3 times pausing and trying not to quit halfway xD it was frustrating but now that i know how to do it i can forget it haha


I am surprised that anyone even bothered to answer your first question. I avoid helping people who do not first try to help themselves. They are usually not worth the effort.

Steve, you’re a bit harsh :wink: Bernabé is a new member. If she really wants to have a transcript and a translation she could use the Exchange and offer a reasonable amount of points. I guess the forum is not the right place for such requests. But on the Exchange you can ask for this.