Can open courses

I am unable to open courses at the moment. At least on desktop safari. Instead I get an error that says:
“The string did not match the expected pattern.”

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i can not open lessons

Unexpected token ‘<’, " <h"… is not valid JSON

Ive been having this problem as well today and yesterday, they must be working on the site. If you keep refreshing and restarting the browser you can eventually get it to load in.

I’ve also passed two known word marks in two different languages but didn’t get the pop up telling me or a post on my timeline. I passed 1,000 words in one language yesterday and it still hasn’t appeared, and I passed 30,000 in another languages this morning and I haven’t got that one either. Not a big deal just thought I’d put it out there.

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Sorry about that, everyone. We will push a fix shortly!