Can only highlight 9 words at a time ( Korean )

Hi there,

Is there a limit on how many words you can highlight in a sentence on the LingQ desktop browser version?

I’m currently studying Korean and my limit seems to be 9 words. it just stops highlighting after 9 words even if the sentence is longer. So I cant create or translate sentences longer than 9words which is super limiting.

FYI: I’m getting the same issue in both the latest updated versions of Firefox and Chrome.

FYI FYI: I don’t have this issue in the LingQ iOS app. I’m able to highlight and create a LingQ phrase of More than 9 words no problem. I prefer to do my LingQing on the iphone app because of this but the small screen is straining my eyes.

So , how can i select/highlight more than 9 words on the Desktop browser ? or is this a limit / bug??

Please advise.

It’s a limit on the desktop/browser. I’m not sure why, but it’s been that way ever since I’ve been using it.

It’s not a bug, 9 highlighted words is a limit at the moment.

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