Can not listen words from my dictionary - wrong pronunciation


I have a problem when i play the words from my dictionary. The voice synthesis does not work properly - it just “says” all letters.

For instance for the word “sure” it says: S-U-R-E


Hi Andrey,
On which device are you using LingQ? Are you using website or app version?

Same problem here on my driod…this was not happening before…my audio for my lessons is fine…just when i do flash cards this happens. Any help is appreciated. Bob

I use browser version on laptop and on android chrome. On laptop there is no sound at all, on android chrome - pronunciation is wrong.

Ok we figured it out and think we have fix for all iphone/driod users, at least it worked for.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to section called “personal”
  3. Scroll down to language input, select
  4. Go to “speech” select "text to speech output’
  5. This where you should be able select the proper voice, male or female voice in the language you are learning. In my case i selected polish and now have the correct pronunciation and accent.

Hope this helps.

Fellow lingq user