Can LingQ Act As My Only Learning Tool?

Is LingQ powerful enough to be my only language learning tool?

I’ve thought about teaming it with Memrise for pure vocab learning, listening to Coffee Break Swedish, and once my vocab is a bit stronger adding a speaking partner in 2-3 months?

I’m only 2 weeks in learning Swedish!

Could I avoid all the extras, just do LingQ for 90 days, then add in a speaking partner? Like most, I do have a CEFR goal of B1-B2. I hope to spend some time next year in Sweden for 3 months or so.

I had to quit Duolingo because I felt like it was too much of a game, and I spent too much time trying to achieve arbitrary goals vs doing any deep learning. I also disliked the lack of context. I was zooming along in it strongly, always in the top 3 in my league, but I do not feel like I’ve learning anything all that useful.

It seems like to me you mean you want to stay completely in Lingq which I think would be a miss step. I’m a few months into my French and have had speaking partners for a couple of months (though the first month was Extremely painful). I feel we had the same idea, but you have to find content you like.

you can find lots of good content through the news feed, YouTube, or anywhere really. So my answer would be probably not, you have to hunt for content you like, such as coffee break Swedish like you mentioned.

I would suggest going through the mini stories, “Who is she”, and “eating out” depending on your level. but after or during all of that, look for content you like to break up the boring.

Be consistent and find cool stuff

Are you suggesting simply finding quality content to import into LingQ?

I do want to wait until month 2 or later for a language partner, but I can see how I could use one a bit earlier.

Yes I am suggesting finding content, but it can be (almost) anything that you find interesting. For example, I am learning French and I like to cook. So I have been importing recipes into Lingq and watching Top chef France for listening. I read through I beginner book the little prince, and now I am tackling the lord of the rings.

I pick and import things that I find neat and I can use them at my own pace. I often switch between lessons and content (books, shows, etc)

you can probably start by importing some YouTube videos if they have proper subtitles.

But seriously listen… like a lot. if nothing else just add more listening. I run shows or audio books or something for about 2-4 hours each day. within a week of doing that my language partner noticed a huge change, enough to point it out. This listening for me is almost never focused listening.

Do everything at your own pace, I’m not here to tell you what you do. I’m just explaining what seemed to work for me.

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