Can I upload new audio to existing lesson in guided course?

I’m working on a lesson from the Korean “Beginner 1 Guided Course”. The audio for this lesson seems to have been recorded by someone who very recently began studying Korean. It sounds like they are struggling through each syllable. I mean no offense – I probably sound like that too – but this kind of audio is not useful to learn from.

I’m very new to LingQ, so I wanted to ask what can be done about this. I know I could just skip the lesson, but I like the story and wish it had better audio. Also, since the lesson is part of the Guided Course, I assume that means it has received some type of “stamp of approval” from the LingQ team. In which case, it’s extra concerning that an “official” lesson has such poor quality audio.

I could get easily get a native Korean speaker to record the audio, but it doesn’t seem that I can edit the existing lesson, since I didn’t create it. I could create a new lesson (with the same text and better audio), but then is there some way this could be incorporated into the existing course?

The course is “Korean Folk Tales” and the lesson is “The Golden Axe.” Link here: Login - LingQ

If you can get a better audio for that lesson, just sent it to me on zoran(at) and I will gladly replace it.