Can I trust the quality of Chinese texts I read?

I’ve been studying Chinese lessons on LingQ for a while now. A Chinese friend took a look at some texts, and found that the quality of the Chinese is often poor, as some texts are (more or less automatic) translations from another language, or were written in Chinese by a foreigner with a good level of Chinese, but still making some basic mistakes.
Are there series of lessons that have been reviewed for the quality of the Chinese or were written by natives Chinese speakers?
In my opinion, if your native language is not Chinese, you should abstain from posting new lessons on LingQ. Any thoughts?


Making people abstain from posting lessons unless it is their native language would kill the ecosystem of public lessons.

It is obviously not good that mistakes are present, but it is a symptom of one of the benefits of lingq, freedom. The point of LinqQ is to use and therefore import material that is interesting to you.

If you don’t like the resources then maybe you could find your own (that you trust) and import them. Find things properly translated or stuff written by a native speaker.

Errors on lessons published by lingq, however, I think is unacceptable (and I’ve definitely seen some )

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Also, maybe it would be good to be able to leave comments on lessons


Thanks! I will!