Can I take lesson in Chinese?

I am trying “Start a new language” and it will not allow me to choose one. How do I select a new lange to learn?

Hover your cursor over the language you are studying which should be Spanish from what I gather. A drop down list should appear and you just select the language you want. If it does not work you might try refreshing your page. It should work. Good luck.

Hello Steve, Thanks. I tried your suggestion. I reopened the website. I hover then there is a drop down with “(flag) English” and below that there is “Start a new language”. Below that there is “Supported Languages” and “Beta Languages(*)”. When I try to select any of the languages in their drop downs they disappear. . 帮助!

What browser are you using? Also, what version of the browser is it? It seems to be working properly. Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache (9 Ways to Clear Your Browser Cache: Chrome, Safari, & More) ?

Hello Alex, Windows Internet Explorer, I cleared the cache and still no go. It’s like it’s teasing me. I hover over the languages fine but when I try to select one the drop downs disappear. – Thanks, KS.

Thanks for reporting this. We will look at getting this bug fixed as soon as we can.

In the meantime, to change the language just go to the Lessons page and manually change the URL:
en - English
fr - French
de - German
es - Spanish
pt - Portuguese
ru - Russian
it - Italian
sv - Swedish
ko - Korean
zh - Chinese
ja - Japanese
pl - Polish
nl - Dutch
ar - Arabic
cs - Czech

Of course, if you have another browser installed on your computer, you can use another browser as well. It should be working fine on Firefox and Chrome.