Can i see a translation of the entire lesson?

Im new. tried to find the answer in help or searching the forum…

when im looking at a new lesson (in the left pane)… is there an easy way i can also see a full translation of the lesson (in english)? i see some pull down items in “tasks” on the upper right but its not clear what they do ?

Not every lesson has a full translation available, as it is up to the lesson provider to decide which resources to add to their lessons. Many beginner lessons do, however. For lessons that do have a translation, you can find a translation button under the lesson title. Any resources that exist for the lesson will show up there.

Hi coolpontiac,

Not all lessons have full translations available but the ones that do will have an icon under the lesson name (and to the right of the lesson image). When you click the icon, the translation will pop-up in the panel on the right.

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