Can I Reset my Account to Zero?

I just reactivated my LingQ account and would like to reset to zero (0) LingQ’s and clear all my imports and lessons if possible…can you help with this?
I still want to keep my language of Polish…look forward to hearing from you and glad to be back…


If you see your name at the top right of the page, it is a dropdown menu. If you go to ‘Account’ in that menu, you will see the option to delete langauges from your account. If you do that for Polish, you can start again from zero. I don’t think there is any way to delete all your imports in one go.

I seem to remember that resetting wipes the whole of the languages, imports and all (I did it once by mistake with German).

I reset my account early on for Korean. My avatar reverted back to an egg and I had to re-earn my points for the avatar. It frustrated me to go back to being an egg. I wouldn’t recommend resetting.

Thanks…I followed directions everyone provided and worked just as described…Bardzo dziekuje!!!