Can I prevent Chinese LingQ from combining characters?

When I’m reading articles in Chinese, it seems to combine characters that it thinks are words. For example it will say "人用,“ which in certain cases can be a word, but in the example I found, it was two separate words. It was trying to say that the “German people use something.” (德国人用一个东西) It does this quite often and I’d much prefer if it just kept every character as its own thing and let me make the combinations as I see them. Is there a way to have it stop doing this?


No, at the moment you can’t split it on your end. Sorry. We are doing our best to make word parsing in Asian languages as accurate as possible.

You can edit the lesson and add a space between the characters. It seems to work if the text doesn’t belong to the mini-stories.

Correct, but keep in mind that in that case, changes made will affect all users.