Can I no longer change the time listened and words read in a lesson?

Can I no longer change the time listened and words read in a lesson?

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Yup, that is true. You can no longer change that. It is really annoying to say the least how I am going to retain the correct number of words read in a lesson if I tend to read the same lesson a couple of times; tend to go back and forth. I have no idea who is providing such new ideas to be implemented. I mean I can see the same LIngQs within the lesson itself when I am going through it. It does not make sense to display them one more time at the end of the lesson.

It is really a bad idea . I am totally thinking about getting rid of reading sessions on Lingq because I have totally no idea about how much reading I have done and I can not track it properly.

I am not interested in inflated numbers.

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hmmm. I see no difference between today and numerous months now. Is this on the browser, or app?

Looking at the app (android), I can click +/- on the lesson stats itself to increment/decrement the number of times I read. It’s been that way for many months now. I can also go to my overall stats and add or subtract words.

what are you guys seeing, or not seeing? and where?

I can see it on android app, cannot see it on the browser.

What browser? On Edge, if I go into a lesson, and then click the 3 dot menu on the upper right and go to “lesson statistics”. I can increase/decrease the times read there. Visually, it’s a little less obvious to see, but it’s there (on Edge).

I can also increase and decrease the words outside of the lesson. Clicking on the “streak button” at the top right brings the stats up where I can increase/decrease number of words for the day/week/month/etc.

Are you not seeing either of those?

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I was using Firefox but yes, I can see it on lesson statistics, I did not think about checking there.

I had difficulties finding it as well but yes they can still be changed through the statistics section.

i am using chrome browser. At the end of the lesson , this is what I got as a new layout.

Plus when I click on “view statistics” it takes me to the statistics under profile page. The problem is, if I read the same lesson a couple of times and do L-R a few times, when I go to the statistics page the number for reading statistics has already inflated. Usually there was an option -/+ at the end of the lesson that helped me manually adjust the reading statistics. Now I have to use my six sense to reduce the number by a certain percentage.

EDIT: Thanks eric. I have figured it out. This statistics button displays information of the lesson.


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I see. This seems to be a problem only upon the point of completion. I agree this should change as it’s not intuitive how you would adjust the stats for the lesson only. However, I can suggest, for now to go back INTO the lesson and click the 3-dot menu in the upper right of the reader view and click “statistics”. THere you will get the stats for the lesson again, but will have the increment/decrement options for # of times read. They should add these increment/decrement options on the initial completion page as well. Not sure why they were removed. I think in the app it is still that way.


@ericb – Your solution worked. Thanks eric. I already attached the image in my above post . Through clicking on Three dots it is possibel to adjust the reading stats within the lesson.

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