Can I make my HINTS private rather than public?

My lesson is private and not shared. I am using copy righted material for the hint as I want it to show on iphone app and flash cards, so using NOTES is not good for this (unless someone knows a way I can makes the notes show in these circumstances?)

Anyway - the key question is can I make the hints I create private rather than shared?


Nope, big brother is watching you.

Oh, what a pain!

Then, onto the second question: Can I make my notes section show on Iphone or in Flashcards?

I would say to hell with the copyright concern and call it fair use. But really… what copyrighted material could you possibly be putting in a hint?

As far as I understand, copyright does not extend to a sentence or two from a book or something like that. You can write about a product on your blog, and give quotes from it if you want, and there is no copyright issue. If you decide to copy and paste and entire book into a hint, then it’s a problem.

I use a lot of dirty mnemonics. Private hints would be nice…

@Davidjvl - I wonder if that has been listed as a strategy for learning a foreign language…

@UniqueView - Notes do show on the yellow popup in our LingQ app for iPhone:

They don’t show in Flashcards, but if you review your LingQs in the Full Text or Sentence view you should be able to see any notes you’ve added for that LingQ.

Hi All,

Thanks for your input on this!

I have gone forward with simply adding them to notes as this does, as mentioned, show in the iphone app BUT not in the flash cards (but I can live without that).

It would not be at all fair for me to add these mnemonics as public for the system I use as the mnemonics are the core of the product.