Can I listen to just one sentence on the audio?

Im a new beginner here just trying to find my way around so I have a question in regards to the lesson. I have gotten to where I can say my whole lesson at the same speed as the audio (I read as they speak) except for one sentence. This sentence is like a tongue twister for me that I just cant get the right speed. When I read it without the audio, I think Im doing it up to speed. However, when I put on the audio, I realize Im still too slow. So my question is, “is there a way I can highlight just this sentence and listen to it over and over without having to listen to the entire lesson?”

perhaps you could download the audio to your media player (whichever one you use) , from there you can then set it up to start and stop at a certain point on the track (in this case at the sentence you want to learn) and then just set it on loop. You can leave that playing in the background whilst you read :slight_smile: Hope that makes some kind of sense :stuck_out_tongue: I am sitting up writing this at 4:02 am


First of all welcome to LingQ. In my experience, trying to “ace” a lesson, understand everything, and be able to say everything, is not a realistic goal. The brains rains what it wants, when it wants. I usually move on when I understand around 75% of what I am listening to. I also know that much of the vocabulary that I have “learned” will be forgotten. It is more important to move on, cover more ground, bet exposure to some of the same vocabulary in different contexts and to let the brain get used to hearing more of the language in different contexts, in my view.

That said, if you save a phrase, you will be able to hear the text to speech version of it on our Flash Cards. We use google for this and the quality is not always great. You could try other text to speech services that can be found by googling on the web.

I do not think that it is worth the effort. It sounds to me that you have already done very well on your lesson. I expect that you will soon have lessons where you will have more parts that you do not understand, and I would still recommend moving on.

Though I agree with Steve’s opinion that we should not “ace” a lesson, I think you can listen to just one sentence of a lesson over and over, if the lesson is in the DingLabs. The link is below. Are you learning Japanese? I hope you’ll find a few Japanese LingQ lessons there.

No sorry, I have checked. Only English, French, Spanish and Mandarin seems to be there.

I can listen to the one sentence or two sentences in the lesson page with another audio player. Take a look at my demo video on Youtube.

This audio player is Japanese free software named 聞々ハヤえもん. This is very simple use software.

I don’t know this software works on English version OS.

If this software don’t work on your OS, you can listen to the short part (one sentence or two sentences) with another software Audacity. Audacity is very popular free software worldwide. First, download the audio from the LingQ lesson page and open the audio file with audacity. Then select a short part you want to listen and next press Shift key + click play button. You can listen to the short part again and again.

Hope this helps.

sorry, here is the collect url link.

This audio player is Japanese free software named 聞々ハヤえもん. This is very simple use software.
I don’t know this software works on English version OS.

@nobuo, the program is so cool! I love it. I can difinitly use in any computer which have WindowsXP or more installed. A only problem is language. I cann’t read language in the program, but it isn’t a big deal. Thank you.