Can I import song lyrics into lingq?

Hi, I just thoutht about how it was helpful to me to use song lyrics to learn english when I was in high school. Unfortunatly it seems from the faq section that we can’t import copyrighted texts.
Am I wrong?
And another question? Do we need to import a sound with the text?


YOu can import anything you like, with or without audio, for your own studies. You just can’t share with other users unless a) you have permission and b) you have audio.

Thank you for your quick reply. It will be very helpful!
Thanks :wink:

Language learning using song lyrics on LingQ is awesome!

That’s one of my main sources of new content for Chinese right now. And the lyrics and audio are free from

Yeahh! I agree. Now my main concern now is to find songs I like and that also have good lyrics. I mean most songs are good to learn vocabulary but they don’t have good grammar.
Thanks for your insight.

Hahaha that’s what I was thinking of doing. Now I just do audiobooks :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a similar question about songs and song lyrics.
Today I created a new lesson in the Russian library. It contains a song of an our famous author V.Vysotsky.

I was not sure, how it maps to all of IPP-laws.
But I found the official site of the “Foundation of V.Vysotsky”. It contains lyrics and songs (not very good quality of a sound, honestly) in free public access. So, I created the lesson, and provide URL-reference to that audio instead of uploading an mp3 file to the Lingq.

Is it an appropriate approach in such case?

I am sure there is no problem. I think things are a little looser in Russia, no?

It is not so already… There is an infamous RAO (Russian Author’s Society) - those guys are absolute lunatics.

For example, they bring in an action against Deep Purple for “illegal performace” of their own songs :)) It’s a really grotesque situation.
I will not be surprised, if in some day they will start fining for singing in the bathroom…

“Кировский районный суд Ростова-на-Дону вынес 15 июня решение, согласно которому группа Deep Purple незаконно исполнила свои же собственные произведения на концерте 19 октября прошлого года в Ростове. Согласно решению Кировского райсуда, группа Deep Purple обязана получать лицензию на публичное исполнение любых своих песен в Общероссийской общественной организации «Российское Авторское Общество», поскольку эта организация представляет в России права зарубежных исполнителей без их ведома и согласия. За каждую песню, спетую Deep Purple без соответствующей лицензии, суд постановил взыскать по 30.000 рублей с компании, организовавшей концерт в Ростове, в пользу Общероссийской общественной организации «Российское Авторское Общество» для дальнейшего распределения и выплаты авторам: Яну Гиллану (I.Gillan), Яну Пейсу (I.Paice), Роджеру Гловеру (R.Glover)”…

Then you had better ask the people who run the Foundation website for permission. If they refuse we can still list this as a resource for our learners to import for their own use. But it would be great it we could use even some of these songs in our library, with an acknowledgment and link to their site of course.

I suppose that the “Foundation of V.Vysotsky” is not a copyright owner. After the death of an author, owners are his heirs for the 70 years. So, first of all we have to ask Vysotsky’s heirs.

Yes, you are right, Cakypa. Probably, Foundation of V.Vysotsky has the rights, but it can’t provide such permissions for using for others organizations/companies.

It’s means there is no chance to publish such lessons here. I’d already deleted it from public library… It’s very pity, because the songs of Vysotsky has quite simple word-forms, in many cases they composed like a short story, and of course, the voice of Vysotsky has very clear pronunciation.

But we can just discuss Vysotsky’s songs on Open Russian forum. I think Kegp likes Vysotsky’s songs and would gladly discuss them :))

can someone give me a s short how to import a song or something like that to my lessons?