Can I go from beginner to intermediate level in 2 months Listening 2 hour and 1 hour reading?

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“Can I go from beginner to intermediate level in 2 months Listening 2 hour and 1 hour reading?”

Unfortunately no, you can’t!

If you spend 180 hours as you suggest you’ll go from zero knowledge or low beginner to high beginner. To go from beginner to intermediate you’ll need to spend many more hours getting there.

To give you an idea, you need roughly 70 hours to go from zero to A1 and another 150 hours to go from A1 to A2.

A2 is still elementary or basic - still beginner - albeit high beginner. The higher the level you reach, the more hours are needed. The above is just the minimum number of hours. Depending on your native language, and the number of languages you speak, you may need even more hours.


According to Lingq, the intermediate 1 is somewhere between 6000-7300 words on Lingq. You could probably do that if you worked rreally hard. It would depend how close the language is to your native one. But I dont know if this would match up to something outside Lingq. For instance I am currently “intermediate 2” in French (15,500 words, started maybe 6 months ago) and I haven’t practiced speaking at all. So I would say yes it’s possible to get 6000 words (maybe) but I’m not sure how it would match up to what you want to do.

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It took me 300-400 hours for me, a native English speaker, to reach an intermediate/B1 level in Italian. It would have taken me much longer, if I were learning Thai or Hindi or any number of the many languages in the world, which have a minimum number of cognates.

So it depends on the languages you already know and what language you’re learning. But for most languages in the world, the answer is no.


Hi mrsaeed123,

Why don’t you do a little experiment yourself (3 hours a day for 60 days = 180 h)?

Here are some of the approaches, esp. (ultra-)reading while listening based on LingQ, you could use: Anmelden - LingQ

Then please let us know how your experiment went!

Good luck,