Can I get rid of the gamification elements?

I like learning with LingQ. However, I think there are way too many gamification popups! Is there any way I can get rid of those “You have reached XYZ words today, let the whole world know”-popups? Disabling notifications did not help with this issue.


I don’t see that many on a desktop and Firefox. I don’t remember if I removed any in settings. Yes, they should all be optional.


I don’t mind elements I can ignore, but pop-ups tend to be a little unnerving. :wink:

Once in a while it is nice to be a kid and special thanks goes to Steve for allowing us having such an experience! :grinning:

Even though that may be the case that wasn’t the point, though.

It can become very annoying when you permanently get pop-ups in regards to stuff you are not interested in. So for those of us who don’t care about “daily goals”, “streaks” etc… this can be an issue. Not a show-stopper, but unnecessary imho.

Especially in the app it happens that I get several pop-ups in a row after completing the first lection of the day in a colorful manner informing me about stuff I don’t want to know. If I had a colleague acting like this I would sooner or later punch him on the nose :innocent:

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I haven’t tried it, but there’s an option “Streak and milestones popups” in the Settings->General. Does toggling it off do what you want it to?

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YES, that helped! Thank you so much!

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Hhm, can’t find said setting on my end. :neutral_face:

Hi @Obsttorte

  1. Just login into your account, click on your avatar in navigation bar (top right), then click on “Settings” option in dropdown list, click on “Reader” tab from the left side, scroll down to “GENERAL” block, there untick “Streak and milestones popups”
  2. Just open any lesson, hover over three dots at the right top, click on “Reader Settings”, scroll down to “GENERAL” block, there untick “Streak and milestones popups”
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Ah, that one. Yeah, I’ve already disabled that. Still get notifications when my streak was discontinued. But now I remember that this has been discussed in a different thread already.

Thank you nevertheless.

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