Can I fix audio timings myself?

Hello. I believe this has been asked before. Is there a way for me to fix the audio timings of shared lessons myself? I’m specifically asking about the Japanese Mini Lessons, but there are other courses whose audio sentence timings are just wrong. I’d like to be able to fix these myself, so I can use this very helpful feature. Rather than wait for the lesson owner to fix it, which may never happen. Thanks.

Premium users do have the possibility to edit sentences and make changes. However, Mini Stories are locked and you can’t make changes there. If you think you can help with improving the mini stories, you can apply to the LingQ Librarian program (under Community > Contribute) and our content managers will get in touch with you and provide more details on how you can help.

Thank you, zoran. I’ll look into the LingQ Librarian program. I’d be happy to help improve the lessons if even just a little bit. LingQ is such a valuable resource in my language learning.

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