Can I export my LingQ data? Is LingQ GDPR compliant?

Hey my friends,

I have uploaded many courses for myself in my Chinese studies and I am looking to download all of their data to back up on my own server.

This brought me to look for a way to export all of my LingQ data but found nothing. I found this odd since LingQ provides service in the EU, right? So they should be GDPR compliant.

For those who don’t know what GDPR is, it’s an EU regulation that helps users gain more control over their data on websites. All websites that serve content in the EU must follow the GDPR for EU citizens at minimum.

Since most companies already built the tools to export data for users in the EU, they also expanded the functionality to users outside the EU (ie. I am in Canada but I can use GDPR download tools on sites like RescueTime, Google, etc.)

Would be curious to see if LingQ actually does support data exporting, but only in the EU. If so, looks like I’ll be moving to the EU for a day or two :wink:



Thanks Edwin, It really nice information like ( you shared with us.