Can I display my lessons like before?

Can I display my lessons like before, after your changes?

I really hope so, because this new look is so inconvenient for me, since I
increase the text size by zooming in with my browser (I am slightly visually impaired).

Now, when you zoom in (you can try it yourself) ,the text is no longer equally distributed on the page, but stays all on the left with very short lines, often made only by a single word. The reading becomes visually unpleasant.

here is how my lesson pages looked like before (and I was very happy with it)

Thank you

another link for the page, in case the above doesn’t work

@gmusci - Can you send a screen shot of what your page looks like now. We have changed the layout but you should be able to get rid of the box of tabs just like you did before. Click on the x in the top right corner. If you can’t see it, refresh your page a few times to clear out your cache.

I would like it if there were a setting that would allow the user to turn off that box entirely for all lessons. I use Lingq on an iPad and the page refreshes alot. It’s annoying to have to click the x to close the box all the time. Other than that, Lingq works great on the iPad.