Can I delete LingQs from the Flashcards page?

Can I delete LingQs from the Flashcards page? I’ve found only how to change status of LingQ or open it in the Vocabulary page. When during my flashcarding ‘LingQs of the Day’ session I encounter a boring LingQ with status “4 - Known” which I already know very well for a long time and decide to delete it, I have no convenient way to do that except searching for it in my long list of LingQs on Vocabulary page. When I try to open that LingQ, delete it and then return to Flashcards, I get Flashcards counter reset and have to start reviewing cards from the beginning. How can I delete LingQs during flashcarding without having that counter reset?

Dmitry, you can only delete LingQs by opening the LingQ or selecting it on the Vocabulary page. But, really, you shouldn’t have to delete LingQs. It is fine to leave your Known LingQs in your list forever. Most flashcard sets do not include Known Words. And, although some Known Words are included in your LingQs of the Day, it only happens once or twice with the same word.