Can I change my course?

Hi, i signed up for French yesterday and I already wanna give up. Can I request to change to Mandarin or Italian on the basis that I will not change again?

You can actually switch back and forth between languages as much as you like. Simply use the language switch at the top left to select another language. :slight_smile:

that’s brilliant! I should go read your school’s introduction and how it works. LOL. Thanks Alex

Why do you want to give up in French so soon? You have to give a new language a chance. Listen to and read some beginner lessons for a week or two and get used to the language. There’s no pressure to understand things right away. You’ll find that you just start getting used to it.

Why Mandarin or Italian over French? If you had a strong desire to learn any in particular you would have picked it to begin with. If it’s just a whim - give up right now because you’ll never learn a language that way.

i’m forced to learn a new language for credits. do i really want to be doing this? no. do i want to get my credits? yes. 3 available choices, italian, mandarin and french. all alien to me accept for mandarin which they use widely in my country, so i have some knowledge. Maybe I should go with that, aye? :wink: