Can I cancel a writing?

I mistakenly submitted an English writing to my Spanish tutor from the Spanish writing section. Is there any way I can cancel it?

I have returned it uncorrected and refunded your points.

Thank you! I will be more careful next time. Thank you very much!

What happened was that I clicked “Post and Submit for Correction” when I commented on the forum. I am studying Spanish mainly now, so I am usually on the Spanish page. So when I went to the forum, I went from the Spanish page and wrote a comment in English. I should have gone back to the English page and submitted as an English writing, but I did not realize I was in the Spanish page. It would be nicer for multi-language learners if the system asks us something like “do you want to submit in ?”

– I said that, but this request is not urgent. I just need to be more careful… :slight_smile:

That’s a good idea. We’ll add it to the list! It won’t be anytime soon, though.