Can I buy LingQs for my LingQ-points?

I have now more than 1000 LingQ-points on my account, do I have the possibility to buy a stock of LingQs for this sum op points? And, if possible, which steps do I have to take?


At the moment we don’t have any sort of system for increasing your LingQ limit on a Free account. If you earn 6000 points or more, you can exchange them for a one-time membership on the following page: Login - LingQ

You can also use your points to have conversations or submit writing for correction, or to give as a gift to other users if you like.

Fasulye, remember that these points expire after three months. I often give mine away as gifts when I don’t have the time or inclination to use them myself. Your fellow podcasters might appreciate them.

So for a free user the 100 LingQs are an absolute limit without a possibility to change points into LingQs.

I have earned my points through my podcast-projects working together with Evgueny and Silvia, so I will return them their points, before I risk that they will expire.