Can I add dictionaries?

Is it possible to add/remove dictionaries from the list in the app? I don’t necessarily wanna see google translate (it doesnt bother me that its there either, itd just be convenient to be able to remove dictionaries i dont use) but, more importantly, I’d really like to use Living Arabic in LingQ. Is there a way I can edit the dictionaries available to me?


if you click on a word, (get the popup), then swipe (android) to where you can see the full screen “popup” where it shows “View Dictionaries and Meanings”. Click on that. This will show all the meanings for the given word, the list of current active dictionaries, but also along side that is “Manage”. Click that. Here you can manage your active dictionaries by adding or removing.

You can remove google translate or others that you don’t find useful. Not sure if “Living Arabic” is available, but if it is, it will be in the list in the bottom section of this window where you can add it to your list of active ones. If not available, you’ll want to message zoran to see if it’s one they can add.


In the app, I can only remove, not add. Maybe it’s possible from the desktop browser.

Yes, as ericb100 points out, you can edit the dictionaries available to you — up to a certain point:

  1. LingQ has to have added them (to the “manage” section described by ericb100) — either by user request/because they felt it would be a good addition.
  2. You can add to/subtract from those available dictionaries in the “Manage” section under “View Dictionaries and Meanings” in any popup that comes up when you click on a selectable word in LingQ (page mode/sentence mode).
  3. Message LingQ via the Support & Feedback Forum/their email/@ zoran (who has been a very active and helpful member of the LingQ Team) with the new dictionary recommendations you have and the Language Pairs you’d like to see them for (ex., English → Arabic).

Important Note: Users can’t add new dictionaries (dictionaries that don’t appear in their “Manage” section) on their own. LingQ has to add them to show up in the “Manage” section, so a user can then add them to their selection of go-to dictionaries when they click on a particular word.

Additional Note: This can be done via mobile and desktop app/browser.

Edit: Screenshots of adding/subtracting your preferred dictionaries + reordering your dictionary lists on the Web Browser of your choice:
  1. Click/select (on) any selectable word in your text (note: I chose a blue highlighted word for the below images).

  2. Click Manage across from Dictionaries :

  1. You’ll see a list of your Preferred Dictionaries first (these are the dictionaries you select and order that show up under Dictionaries in the image for step 1 above):

  1. If you scroll down, you will see a List of All Resources (which are the list of available dictionaries to you and your language pair: ex., English and Korean in these images):

Note: Not 100% sure, but I think once you select one and it moves up into your Prefered dictionary list — it doesn’t show up in the All Resources section, but when you remove a dictionary from your Preferred list it pops back down into the All Resources List.

  1. By scrolling back up to your Preferred List and clicking on and dragging a resource/dictionary up and down on your list, you can change the order of your resources/dictionaries.

Note: I order from most used to least used, but you can do alphabetical or any other order you prefer. This will change the order of the dictionaries/resources listed under Dictionaries in the image for step 1 above.

  1. Be sure to click Done when you’re finished to save your changes:

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You can do it in the app as well. As jpp025 points out…if additional ones are available. Perhaps you have all the dictionaries chosen?

You need to go here:

Then on the next popup you should have a bunch of choices to add dictionaries below your already chosen ones (if you don’t already have everything selected).

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