Can I add a new online dictionary to default ones? Any online English dictionaries to recommend?

I like LingQ system, especially creating LingQs and reviewing them using Flashcards. To tell the truth, however, I use free online Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (, not default ones. Can I add my favorite online dictionary? If possible, could you tell me the way to do?

Is everyone satisfied with the default dictionaries?
If there are other recommended or frequently used online dictionaries by LingQ members, I would like LingQ staffs to add them to default ones.

The reason why I prefer free online Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is as follows.

  1. I can listen to both British and American pronunciations.
  2. I can get the phonetic alphabet of the target word and copy & paste it easily.
  3. I can hit the phrasal verb I want to know easily.

Could you tell me your recommended free online English-English dictionaries if there is any, other than default ones?

@hirohide - I have added that dictionary for you. There is no way for you to do it yourself.

I would like to have added the PONS French-German Online dictionary added if this is possible. The Link is (xxxxxx is the search word):

Thanks a lot!


Thank you very much for adding the dictionary.

@hape - I have added PONS for German to Russian, English, French, Italian and Spanish and vice versa.

@mark…How do we access these dictionaries? Are you adding them only for specific accounts?

They are added for all who share the same dictionary language and target language. Check the dictionary settings in the upper right area of your LingQ widget.

I would like you to add the dictionary for german, It’s truly great. Thanks!

Ok, I’ve added that dictionary for German to English and Spanish and vice versa.

@rjtrudel - When you click the +New Hint button for a blue word, this opens the LingQ widget. You can then see the Other Dictionaries listed at right under the Babylon translation. Click the Dictionary Settings link to set one of these Other Dictionaries as your default dictionary.

Thanks a lot, Mark, for adding PONS to the dictionary list!

Hi Mark,

Would you please add these two dictionaries:

  1. for German <–> English

  2. for English <–> Korean


Hi LinguaFranca,

Both of the dictionaries you mention should already be available…
“” for the first, and “Naver en” for the second.