Can Chat GPT be trusted with generating natural authentic content?

I’m having a hard time finding contents I like to read about in Chinese so I’m thinking about asking Chat GPT to generate me contents Stories I can import to LingQ and read with. But my worries is if the contents Chat GPT make are Authentic enough to study with or just Another version of Google translate errors in Non natural sounding language.

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You could generate some content on it, then post in the writing exchange for corrections to see maybe? Assuming no one else answers directly here. Not sure how well it does with Chinese myself.

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depends… (unhelpfully). The stuff I’ve got from it in English (my native language) always needs some editing to feel natural. It’s not incorrect, but it sounds stilted. You can help that by adding prompts like “a causal” conversation. E.g., below is what I got from that prompt. I would say it sounds like a convo between two middle class neighbours who aren’t good friends haha. which - if you’re having a short, casual convo with a chinese stranger - might be the perfect sort of level. No idea how that translates to chinese or other languages though.

can you write me a 100 word informal conversation in a cafe


Sure, here’s a short informal conversation in a cafe:

Samantha: Hey, John! Long time no see. How have you been?

John: Hey, Samantha! I’ve been good, just crazy busy with work. You?

Samantha: Same here, work’s been a rollercoaster. By the way, have you tried the new pumpkin spice latte?

John: Oh, not yet. Is it any good?

Samantha: It’s amazing, you have to try it. So, how’s your dog, Max?

John: Max is a handful, but he’s a sweetheart. We should set up a doggie playdate with your pup soon!

Samantha: Absolutely, that sounds like a blast. Anyway, let’s catch up properly soon!

John: For sure, let’s plan it.


You can try, but I do not know how much this AI can help with creating the content, and as far as I know, the content from Chat GPT would be way much better than Google Translate.

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