Can anybody help me to translate this context into english? Urgent

This is spanish, but I don’t know it. It is a letter from a Columbia customer, I think they are speaking spanish. can anybody help me with it? The google translation confused me. I know it is something concerning packaging macinery, they are inquireing about our products. Thank you in advance!

Where is the letter?

I’ll help out if you post the letter :wink: I’ll be on here for about an hour if you wish to post it then.

The letter is like this :

Buenos dias , quisiera tener mas informacion sobre la maquina automatica llenadora de tubos plasticos packaging machinery RGFN-50; ya que nos ha sido un poco dispendioso el cuadre del equipo para su funcionamiento.
Gracias ppor su atencion.
Esperando una pronta y positiva respuesta.

Don’t post letters from other people without their consent!

Thanks in advance, guys

Don’t post letters from other people without their consent, even if they do not include secret information!

Good Morning, I’ll like more information about an automatic machine to fill plastic tubes (that’s the best I could translate it) packaging machinery rgfn-50; since it’s been a bit expensive to balance the equipment for it’s operation.

Hope it helps!

I missed the last part!
Hoping for a fast and positive answer.

Lilyfor, I can not understand the last sentence too. The google translation of the first part is similar to your translation, but what does the last part mean? What does the client wanna tell me? does that mean our products are too expensive? I on’t offer any price yet, waiting for another understanding.

Hi canjndon!

I found the following:

el dispendioso=complex or time-consuming
el cuadre = the applying
el equipo = the team or the configuration.

So I would translate the last part of the Letter like this:

since it’s been a bit complex to apply the configuration for it’s functioning.

In my opinion:

“a que nos ha sido un poco dispendioso el cuadre del equipo para su funcionamiento.”
means (not literal translation):
It took some effort to tune the machine in order to ajust it for working, so they want more technical information about the machine to understand it better.

Anyway, if you have doubts, I suggest you to contact your client and make clear what he needs.

I only did a literal translation, and maybe if I knew what kind of machine it was I would know exactly what he means. Cuadrar or cuadre for me means to balance or make sure the machine is working right.
Maybe: it’s been expensive to keep the machine working properly.Buss he been buying parts to make the machine work and that’s why it’s been expensive. No idea. Find out from your customer exactly what he needs. He already has the machine so it’s obvious he needs parts or help making it work.

Hope this helps!

Sorry I meant Has he been not Buss, my iPhone adds whatever it wants sometimes…

para su=its (without the apostrophe)

I want to be clear. “Su” means “its” here in English.

It’s=it is
His hand, her hand, its paw, etc.

I didn’t know the difference between “its” and “it’s” until I was out of high school…

He would like to collect some information about the machine ( he already involved its reference within the message ) , as it would take enough time to make function.