Can a single account have two lifetime subscriptions simultaneously?

Hello, I have signed up for two lifetime subscriptions (English and Arabic) on LingQ as I plan to learn these languages full-time, every day.
I am a bit worried because the option to buy a lifetime subscription is only accessible through Google and the account settings tab only shows one subscription and eventually reverts to the now-cancelled monthly premium subscription that is ending next month.
Can a moderator or site admin confirm that I indeed have unlimited access to Arabic and English?
If not, could I please have the option to create a separate account for one of the lifetime subscriptions?
Thank you!

Yes, no worries, you can purchase a Lifetime plan for as many languages as you want.


I have the Korean lifetime subscription. I only see lifetime subscriptions offered once in a while? If you know where to look are they always available? I dabble in a lot of languages so they could really get me for a good chunk of change if I’m not careful.

Hi, Google “LingQ Lifetime subscription” and the first link should lead you to the subscription page. However, you have to select the language you wish to add beforehand.

You can get the Lifetime plan here:

Grabbed Spanish. There’s more I may want but I’m going to see how much I use Spanish first.

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