Can´t import full articles for Le Monde subscribers

I am subscribed to Le Monde, I can read in Chrome and Mozilla full articles for subscribers only, but when I import the articles only the non-subscribers version is imported. For instance, I imported this article is “réservé aux abonnés”, but when I opened the lesson I only could read a small part of the article, the part available for non-subscribers and the final sentence stated " Il vous reste 71.82% de cet article à lire. La suite est réservée aux abonnés. " so even if I am a subscriber and can read the whole article in chrome or mozilla only 28,12% of the text was imported. Of course, I can copy-paste the missing text to edit the lesson but would be far more convenient to be able to export the full text:), I am subscribed to the New York Times and I never had this issue and I can import full lessons. So I ask in case you know a solution for this. Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately I don’t think there is much we can do in that case. I assume Le Monde simple do not allow sharing full articles, since they are paid site. It’s on their end and for now you’ll need to continue copy-pasting the missing text I am afraid.

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Thanks for the answer!
Asked just in case there was some solution, anyway I can copy-paste the missing text then, no worries:).