Calling all German speakers

Irene has done a phenomenal job in creating an unbelievable amount of German learning content, all with her customary patience, thoroughness and kindness. She has now translated some more of our Beginner content.

We are planning to have essentially the same content available in a variety of languages, including, of course, German. We require some help in recording this, just recording it.

is there someone out there who could form a male and female team to record some of our beginner content in German? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Steve :slight_smile:
It would be good to have new voices in the German part too.

I could do that. I think my sister would possibly join my team. And I would love to participate in the project. Contact me!

That would be a good idea to bring conversations with your sister!
What you have to do is, to create an item and then record and import it in LingQ.
You know you can earn points with.
If you want to get help, please write me:

Next time I will create some new content. I will tell something about life in Germany and also I want to perform a team with my little daughter.
My companion in life don’t want to. It’s a pity.