Calisthenics for your mouth?

Hi All- I have difficulty with pronunciation and was wondering if any of you have exercises I can practice while making breakfast, or in the shower, etc. to exercise the muscles in my face and mouth. (Maybe like singers do with their vocal chords.) I’m learning French, but anything universal would be okay. Any thoughts are appreciated.

I find locating the words to songs and singing along (while alone) much less stressful than universal exercises. If I lose myself in the music, I find I’m less self-conscious about my pronounciation and it’s more enjoyable to repeat multiple times.

People used to use plums and pencils to learn how to get an Received Pronunciation effect in English. The former in the mouth and the latter between the teeth while trying to speak clearly…

For French a clothes peg might come in handy - or, if you have a hand free, you can always pinch your nose whenever you want to sound particularly French.

I think a lot of the time people’s jaw (and mouth) muscles are overactive and strong enough. Perhaps you could look up some TMJ exercises to loosen everything up and balance your muscles. Anything more specific than that would just get worked and trained by simply speaking the language more.

Pronouncing in a foreign language and deliberately exaggerating will exercise your jaw, lips and cheeks. Do it for 30 minutes at a time.