Cake slices colours in writing report

I am correcting the longest writing I have ever received! :slight_smile:
I really like the writing report system, but I have a little problem. Before the latest major update, all the different types of mistakes were showed in the “cake” with different colours that could be easily distinguished: red, blue, green, yellow, black… Now they are all showed in different shades of orange, so that people with sight problems like me find it hard to distinguish the several types of mistakes.
Why did you change the colours? Would it be possible to have the previous colours back?
Please, do so for us, poor visually impaired people! :wink:

I have normal vision. But I think the older graphic was clearer and at least as pleasing to the eye as the current one. In addition, I can really notice the “blocky” pixelation on the edges of the new one.

I agree. We’ll see what we can do here.

Thanks a lot, Mark!

Thank you for changing the colours of the “cake”! They are not as clear as in the previous version of LingQ, but they are much more “visually-impaired-friendly” than the ones in orange.
However, I have found a small bug while I was correcting a writing some minutes ago: whenever I added a new mistake, the cake showed all the mistakes as “Agreement” mistakes. It is not updated automatically. Maybe it can be fixed some day, but anyway I am happy for the colours!

Everything seems to work fine for me. Are you still having that problem? With which browser?

I’m not sure I have corrected any other writings after writing my previous post in this thread…

Ok, Matt, I have just corrected a text and everything was working fine.