C1 English exams (CAE) - preparation just on lingq or going to a course

I would like to pass C1 English exam Certificate of Advanced English. I am in no hurry to do so and I want to read and listen to English on lingq as much as possible. But I am thinking whether I should prepare just by reading and listening here or also go to a preparation course (with native speaker). What are your ideas and experience with exams done based on using lingq?

I used LingQ a lot to be fluent in English by other E-mail called civil.engineer, but now my goal is proficient English ( c1 or beyond) , and as you know proficient English needs some special terms to be able to communicate with well-educated native speaker so I think LingQ is excellent source to achieve this, besides I watch two channels in you Tube and run the subtitles because they write the subtitles, these channels will blow your mind from interesting topics related to current events, history, scientific issues…etc.

And use this dictionary to pass with your mouth through subtitles :-

I have no certificate in English, but still I would like to give my opinion. Lingq is an amazing tool for improving your real language skills and many people here can testify it. However, language certificates don’t really verify your real language skills, but rather your ability to pass such tests. To pass them you need to concentrate first of all on all kinds of exceptions, word transformations, complex grammar, tricky words etc. So in my opinion you will get a better result by taking hundreds of exemplary CAE tests than by spending time here.
Hopefully more and more employers, at least here in Poland, are becoming aware that certificates by no means reflect languages skills and they just test your language during job interview.


You’re not fluent in English.

Make sure you understand everything you hear. Make sure you can respond to everything you hear.

Do this with LingQ and massive listening/reading etc - lots of native content.

The other thing is i would definitely do some sort of exam prep - you should at least know what it is they may throw at you. Other than that, if you’re truly comfortable, you won’t need any practice.

If someone comes up to me and asks me my views on deforestation for example, even though i don’t know a lot i could probably talk about it for a few minutes because you don’t always stay on that subject.


‘What do you think about deforestation?’

‘Well, i think it’s bad. The planet is naturally supposed to have forest coverage but when we allow big corporations to cut the forest down, we have a serious problem, and i think it points more to an issue with how companies, in particular big companies with government ties, are given permission to wreck the environment carte blanche with zero actual repercussions outside of maybe a few fines etc.’

That would pass C1 even though most of it isn’t actually about deforestation.

Do some prep and make sure you know what is going to come at you unless you are 100% comfortable talking about anything and everything.

That’s one thing i don’t like about exam revision. If you were truly comfortable with a topic you wouldn’t NEED to revise for it.

I do not care, because I can understand native speakers, so I do not need your certificate, but at all, thank you and good luck in German.
By the way, I love logical criticize with evidences.
I swear I am sorry for one thing which is your time, do not waste your time with me to judge or convince me something without you know anything, I know the game you play with me because I am not green learner, you try to destroy my positivity towards languages learning, but I love it so much, so try to play another game, or if you have a positive thing about languages learning I will be happy to read it.

I’d better choose both possibilities: to read and to listen as much as possible in LingQ and to go to a special preparation course for CAE.


I’m not learning German. I’m not trying to destroy your ‘positivity’, i’m trying to destroy the bullshit you spout here.

What do you think you pretending you can be fluent in 90 hours does to someone who’s put in 200 and still can’t understand native speakers?

Frauds like you demean other people’s efforts.

Your English is worse than that of a 5 year old native speaker and yet it’s common knowledge that when writing we are usually more fluent than when speaking or listening because we have time to sit and collect our thoughts before producing.

You would be absolutely lost in native conversation.

There, have some realism for once in your life.

First, be polite and listen to other people, because this is a sign of a proficient languages learner.
Second, I do not demean other people’s efforts, because I love to help people.
Third, YES, someone can be fluent in listening and reading in 90 hours, but writing and speaking of course needs time.
Fourth, read the below article to know more about fluency and proficiency :-

Interesting article

Yes, Luca really has revolutionary stratges to learning languages, but the basis is listening and reading.
watch this video which prove that emotions and photos can speed the process, so I use Fun Easy Learn at the first of learning the language then start use LingQ

Thanks to all for your replies. I decided to do a free pre testing for CAE at our local British center so that I can find out my correct level and decide afterwords whether to take the exam or go to a preparatory course.

Second, I do not demean other people’s efforts, because I love to help people.

You’re arguing semantics. Selling snake oil and spouting bullshit to lead people on more confusing paths is still impeding people’s efforts.

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No, nobody can be fluent in 90 hours unless it’s something like Norwegian-Swedish or Dutch-Afrikaans.

If i do 13 hours a day of listening i will be fluent in a language in one week? LMAO.

You’re a fraud.

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Yaser2020, keep up the good work on English, I don’t care whether or not you are technically fluent, but I can say that I understand everything you say. You are doing a great job! Don’t listen to this annoying troll.

(I still have some doubts about the 90 hour thing though)

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You should have some doubts. He’s wrong.

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You should. If someone told you that you could look play like Tom Brady in a year with his program, would you believe him?