Buying ebooks in French (aidez-moi!)

Where can I purchase e-books in French that I can import? You can’t import Kindles and every website I’ve found that sells French e-books won’t let me purchase anything from Australia.

i usually go for .epub books because they are easy to import into lingq. i think amazon does a pretty good job with offering these, but I usually just read free downloads or books out of copyright. for french there are lots of online articles that can be imported using your browser.

I have access to French content where I live, but for Japanese I made a new amazon account. You could do the same over at . You need to use a different email address though. Sometimes it also doesn’t let me purchase without switching on my VPN.

The problem is you can’t import kindle books. Have you been able to import ebooks purchased from Amazon?

I don’t believe Amazon offers epub books. Have you been able to purchase them in that format?

Yes, you need Calibre (E-book management software) and then download the DeDRM plugin to remove the DRM. More info is available online, but for example also here: DeDRM plugin for calibre: the simplest option for removing DRM from most ebooks | Apprentice Alf’s Blog

It’s free :slight_smile:

Here’s how I solved the problem with the help of another Lingquista, Davide, in Italy. I paypaled him money to buy Epubor ultimate, which he kindly agreed to learn to use for me. Then when I want a new book, I send him money for the book plus his time, he gets the book from, converts it in Epubor and emails me the text. Then I read it in Lingq. I tried EVERYTHING before I tried this, which was to post an appeal on Lingq for a volunteer and found Davide. Maybe you could find one in France?

Not sure if those format works, but here are two bookstores selling e-books other than kindle:

Hi, GogMagog!

You have several options:

Option 1: These workarounds for importing Kindle books into LingQ should still work:

Option 2: You could use PayPal
"every website I’ve found that sells French e-books won’t let me purchase anything from Australia. "
If you can use a service like PayPal on these websites, you should be able to buy any foreign language e-book they offer. It doesn´t matter if you live in Down Under or not because it´s location-independent.

Option3: You could resort to free e-books
See, for example, Free Books Online: 177 Links to Free Online Books for Kids & Adults to Read

Option 4: You could use the free podcasts and texts of “PodcastFrançaisFacile”

Hope that helps