Buying audiobooks

Bit of a random question here…

I was wondering whether you prefer purchasing audiobooks in physical CD format, or whether you prefer to download MP3 versions (legally, that is) from retailers. Do you see any advantage to purchasing the physical format over the digital? I myself find it easier to simply download them, as the physical copy is more of a luxury, but there is definitely something nice about holding a tangible product. I mean I still buy music CDs, despite largely using an iPod and even playing MP3s through the PC. I’m weird like that…

Would be interested to get your views!

Either way is fine but I find buying the MP3 version more convenient, and in fact, more and more convenient.

For me, it takes about 10 minutes to rip a CD, so there’s no real difference apart from shipping time. With the downloadable version, it’s as quick as your download speed. Apart from that, I also like to have the real thing. If I was to lose the digital only copy, I’d have no backup.

Well that’s a problem easily avoided: make a backup when you get it!. The main reason I buy music CDs for instance, is to have control over the bitrate at which I rip it, and because I tend to rip music in Apple Lossless format, it would simply take too long to download them all. With audiobooks, quality is generally less of an issue. But I agree, it’s nice to have the real thing. For me it’s just more of a luxury.

Simple enough solution there, Chris.

Anyone know a good place to find Hebrew audiobooks and books?