Bumping the topic of Albanian

I’m wondering if there has been any news or updates about Albanian possibly coming to LingQ. I know it has been mentioned in the past here in the forums.
I have been learning Albanian and recently getting into more intermediate/advanced stuff. I have found LingQ to be really helpful with several languages and I would love to use it for Albanian as well.


At this moment we don’t have any content prepared for Albanian, so unfortunately it probably won’t be available at LingQ in the near future. But if we somehow get the Mini Stories translated and recorded to Albanian too, we will gladly make it supported language.

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I will attempt to find someone who can do it in standard Albanian (Tosk). Is there a particular email or something that I can give them that is specifically for contribution? Or if they want to know more details about how it works?

Hvala :slight_smile:


Sure, they can contact me on zoran(at)lingq.com Nema na čemu! :slight_smile: