Bulk Import

A bulk import feature would be nice for uploading eBooks.

I started out manually uploading a book… 500 lines at a time. Too time consuming so I wrote a little script to do it. It’s an ugly ugly hack so I don’t think I’ll be sharing it with anyone… but I think it would be a nice feature to the site.

On the otherhand, maybe LingQ could put an upload lesson function into the API. Writing a webpage to do the batching would be simple after that

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Uploading books is a real hassle on lingq. Especially with the 10,000 word limit. Many of my big boy books have chapters containing more than 10,000 words.


Would it be possible for them to integrate a pdf ‘reader’ ? I’m tired of having to convert my ebooks to .doc or .txt files. Torrents (my main source for foreign books) tend to be in pdf or a typical ebook format.

I have imported books and I don’t find it so difficult.

@ spatterson

How would such a feature work in your opinion? What would it look like?

Well a PDF reader would take a lot of work. I’d have them upload a PDF, decode it into to txt, and then parse out each lesson.

So, parsing could be easy or could be complex. Actually I really don’t care. My hack just splits the book into 500 lines of text per lesson (for my book this came out to about 4500 words per lesson… Any more than that and I find LingQ too slow).

Really smart parsing could try to determine the chapter headings and break those into lessons. That’s probably more work than it’s worth.

I’d be happy just to have “Upload txt file here” with the options to specify max words or max lines per lesson. Give me an API call to create lessons and it’s a trivial process


I’d much rather that I be able to upload the entirety of a chapter so that the accompanying CD track syncs up well. If I were to have a chapter split into two lessons, I’d have to do all types of Garage Band wizardry.

@spatterson - We’ve made some updates to our API that will be documented with our next update, so please keep an eye out and let us know if there are any other changes you would like.

How exciting. I guess a create course call would be nice too.

+1 for long file import. I also wrote an ‘ugly ugly hack’ to import ebooks.